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Shunta is one of those dudes who gets so worked up over the fear of pain that he ends up squealing like a little piggy. 

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hitting it just right 

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Requested by several users

(tw: discussion of rape and consent issues)… I want to stress that if you decide to search for and download this video, and you are sensitive to depictions of rape or consent issues, you will want to skip the first half of this scene. I have omitted the beginning here, as I do not endorse the depiction of rape for the purpose of sexual arousal, nor wish to trigger those who are survivors of sexual abuse or rape. I am personally very conflicted about this scene, because there is a sudden shift in Hajime’s mood halfway through; it is as if the first half of the video never occurred, and he goes from 0 to 100% ecstasy as though someone flipped a switch in his brain. In most cases I would decide not to share this kind of video. But since so many have asked me about it, and because it is not apparent that there were any depicted consent issues at all in this audio/if you skip the first half of the scene, I am deciding to share this. 

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I realized a few days after I posted the gifset that he actually says Titanic is his favorite movie. But thinking about it being Titan A.E. is still funny as fuck. 

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Did my best to reduce the room noise so you can actually hear him. Still, listen carefully for the second “daisuki” barely more than an exhale. 

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fingered and then fucked

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Hinata: voluntarily, repeatedly, relentlessly, gagging himself on a cock for eight and a half minutes. 

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